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I got to see J Schuler perform this past weekend at The Future Of Music artist showcase and he gave a stunnin performance. Check out his latest visual projects “My Letter” & “Real Love”. Contact info for the J Schuler available below.

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  • Celebration for my cus life went well!! Appreciate all my friends & Fam for checking in and/or coming thru!! Hard times make us stronger overall!! #RIPTalia
  • "So the next time you feel like your world is about to end... I hope you studied cuz He's testing ya faith again!!" #BucketLowLikeFuckItTho #RIPTalia
  • Thank God for Mickey D's hot cakes!! That big beautiful smile made my day!! 😬😬😍 #Kountney
  • You guide her from up there & we got her down here!! Promise she gon kno everything about you!! Rest Easy Cuz!!


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You Gotta Be Fuckin Kiddin Me

This is what you call when keep it hood goes wrong. Can you say lawsuit, great right hand you got tho Game lmao >